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Kunshan Lnstall Electrical Lnstallation Engineering Co.,Ltd.
ADD:Yifeng Electrical Kunshan City, Building A 3010


Iaeste Kunshan ,mechanical and electrical installation engineering Co., LTD. is a company with two project registration again engineering company, was established in 2010 November, and the registered capital of 3.6 million yuan, with the national electrical installation three qualification certificate,the state building decoration design and construction of three qualification certificates. The company set up in China’s first hundred counties of Kunshan. The company sets up engineering department, the finance department, the purchase department, administration department, sales department, as well as after-sales service department six departments, including engineering and sets electromechanical department, ZhuangShiBu, environmental protection, energy conservation department.
    This company can contract residential, commercial center, factory, municipal engineering of high and low voltage electrical equipment installation, water supply and drainage engineering installation, fire fighting equipment installation, air conditioning and hvac project installation, low installation, building decoration engineering, clean room decoration engineering, steel structure engineering, process piping installation, energy conservation and environmental protection engineering. At the same time the company to provide the relevant project planning, design, budget and and related local government the previous work.
    The company has consistently adhere to the people-oriented management approach, has a number of professional skills of the high- quality personnel, and a passionate management team. Facing the various industries and enterprises and institutions and individuals,to provide  a great variety of integrated services. Companies in the quality is the life of enterprise quality concept and honesty pragmatic attitude, welcome new and old customers together to explore the development. At the same time always adhere to the introduction of advanced equipment and technology. Building services team will absorb technology talent, and has experienced, skilled, to open up and innovation of the powerful technology and after-sales service team, and established its own technical consultant center, specialize in business within the scope of the professional and technical guidance.
    The company to "professional, quality, service,innovation" for the purpose, ptomoting technological innovation and human care, keep pace with The Times,to create a win-win situation. Sincerely for each owner to provide quality services and unremitting efforts.

Kunshan Lnstall Electrical Lnstallation Engineering Co.,Ltd. | ADD:Yifeng Electrical Kunshan City, Building A 3010